International Students Arrive at JPII

On Tuesday, August 8th, the JPII Admissions Office with the help of the JPII Ambassadors hosted our returning and new international students on campus for a welcome dinner.  This year, we have three returning and three new students from China. Returning are Mandy HUA (12th), Canace LI (11th), and Waylon JIN (11th). New students are Hao YI (9th), Darren LIU (9th), and Rita FAN (10th). All six students applied to JPII through the Cambridge Institute of International Education.  

JPII is also excited to welcome five students from Germany this year. New students are Tom Lintemeier (12th), Jasper Gorschlueter (12th), Luise Spitzer (12th), Florian Echelmeyer (12th), and Leander Kohley (12th).  All five students applied to JPII through CYE Germany.  

A special thank you to all of the JPII host families who volunteered to provide a home for our international students!