Textbooks for 2018-2019

JPII will no longer be using Follet for textbooks. Students who will be using hardcover textbooks next year (seniors and students taking AP Statistics and Calculus) should purchase books from other students or order online – the link below includes a list of books with ISBN numbers.

Schedule changes need to be made before school begins. Unlike regular textbooks, access codes and downloaded books cannot be returned and access codes are not transferable. Information about purchasing digital textbooks or accessing them online will be shared over the summer.

Questions about schedules and textbooks should be directed to Karen Phillips karen.phillips@jp2hs.org, Andrew Griffith andrew.griffith@jp2hs.org, or Jennifer Dye jennifer.dye@jp2hs.org.

Textbook Information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SnRRvOUvc4hN8rOd93M4Tw-28xj-W0lAG50yBUlyOAw/edit?ts=5b1e9f30