JPII hosts Point Guard Camp

JPII Women’s Basketball partnered with PGC Basketball recently for a two-day Shooting College Clinic.  

“It was exciting to bring an organization like PGC to our local community.  PGC is one of the most effective basketball camps in the nation.” – Angi Puckett

PGC’s Shooting College Course helps basketball players discover a shooter’s mindset, develop sound shooting techniques, and build a training plan to become an effective shooter.  Players also learn the specific shots that all great scorers need in their toolbox. 

The athletes received twelve hours of instructional time; including four interactive classroom sessions each day where the athletes study video analysis of collegiate and pro players and the athletes also participate in four gym sessions daily.

The PGC organization offers the best basketball training programs nationwide for players and coaches. Their camps teach players to think the game and be leaders on and off the court.

Over 100 players were in attendance this weekend along with 65 observing coaches. The local area was well represented. Additionally, athletes and coaches from Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and Kentucky were in attendance.