Students wrap-up summer surgical internship

For 14 years, Dr. Chad Swan has provided an incredible opportunity for students from Pope John Paul II High School in Hendersonville, TN, and his own high school, also Pope John Paul II in Slidell, LA to experience the life of a surgeon for a week.  This year Caroline Cross from Slidell and Madalyn Dye from Hendersonville have had the opportunity to observe Dr. Swan in the operating room, the cardiac catheterization lab, and at his medical practice. Additionally, they have been able to observe other medical professionals in the hospital including physical therapy and oncology.  Through this wide range of experiences, these young women have been able to examine the multiple skills required for medical professionals as they consider their own career path.

This internship has been the model for the expanded opportunity available to Pope John Paul II High School as part of the Innov8 internship experience.  While not every Swan intern has entered the medical field, it has provided them the opportunity to explore their career options.  Some have become doctors or nurses but others have applied their interest in medicine through the development of apps or in business.  All of this is a result of the full exposure they have to all aspect of medicine, which can only occur over an expanded internship rather than a single day of observation. 

We would like to extend our thanks to Dr. Swan for providing this opportunity for our students and congratulate Caroline and Madalyn for their work this summer.