Uniform Policy 2019

As communicated at the end of May, the following uniform policy changes are in place for the 2019-2020 school year.

Uniform Policy Changes for 2019-2020

Polo shirts will be an option in 2019-2020. Students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade will have the option of wearing a navy blue polo and seniors will have the option of wearing a gray or navy blue polo. The polo will have the JPII logo, be available in short-sleeved, and sold in the Armory. Oxfords (blue or white) will remain an option. Students may wear the polo any school day except on Mass days when they will wear their oxford shirts (and ties for boys). 

There will be no change in skirts or pants. Both boys and girls may wear khaki pants sold by Mills Uniform. Senior boys also have the option of wearing Mills Uniform navy blue pants.

Any JPII outerwear (with or without a hood) sold through the Armory or BSN for a JPII team/club/program may be worn any day, but must be removed for Mass. Students must wear a uniform shirt (polo or oxford) under all outerwear. Oxford shirt and tie are required on Mass days.*The same applies to seniors wearing a “senior sweatshirt”.

Athletic shoes will be an option in 2019-2020. Students may choose any brand of athletic shoe in gray, black, blue, or white ONLY. The design of the shoe cannot include any other colors but may be a combination of these colors, i.e., black Nike with a white logo. Converse shoes are considered an athletic shoe. Sperry’s will remain an option.

Identification cards: IDs are to be worn on the appropriate house lanyard around the student’s neck. IDs must be worn for the entire duration of a student being in the building, including after school hours. Students may remove their lanyards for PE classes, sports, or when deemed appropriate by a teacher (i.e. Labs). Students are required to have their ID when buying lunch. Students who do not wear their IDs will be issued a detention; if this occurs three times in a semester a student will then be issued a Saturday detention. Wearing an ID is a measure of security and will be treated with the utmost importance.