Innov8 program receives $290,000 donation

Excitement is building around the JPII Innov8 program after receiving a $290,000 anonymous donation. The donation will specifically go to fund the Investment and Entrepreneurial classes. Students will use the funds to generate more capital through investments in the stock market. Money made on the investments will be used to fund Innov8 service projects.

AP Economics teacher and lacrosse coach, Mr. Bob Page, will lead the Investment and Entrepreneurial classes using his wealth of experience in the world of finance. Before pursuing his passion for teaching, Page had a successful career in the world of finance. Mr. Page is excited about how the donation will enrich the investment program and benefit Innov8 service projects. His plan for the program will teach students how to invest and create businesses.

Director of Innovation, Jennifer Dye, is thrilled about the donation and the interest in the Innov8 program by a donor. Dye explains that the program includes a combination of project-based courses, internships, and independent study. “Students are challenged to be bold, encounter failure, and learn to see those failures as opportunities to grow and learn,” says Dye. Instead of textbooks and tests, the Innov8 program allows the students to become innovators of the future, and leaders in all fields of industry, government, and the arts. The hope is that JPII students will create their jobs in the future rather than simply finding them.