About JPII

urlThe key to an excellent school is an excellent faculty and staff. JPII welcomes interest from candidates for all positions, whether or not there are current openings.

Theology Teacher posted 1/14/2020

English Teacher posted 11/26/19

Math Teacher posted 11/26/19

Substitute Bus Driver posted 8/26/16

In the case of current openings (see links above), send resumes directly to the person(s) as instructed. Resumes are vetted, finalists are invited for an interview and teachers are usually asked to teach a sample lesson as part of the interview process.

If you are interested in being considered for future jobs not yet posted, please do the following:

  • If a teacher, send a resume and a cover letter of interest to Mr. Kyle Reynolds, (kyle.reynolds@jp2hs.org), Assistant to the Dean of Studies.
  • For interest in a future non-teaching position, send resume and cover letter to Mrs. Laura Thigpen (laura.thigpen@jp2hs.org), Director of Finance and Operations.

In the case of future openings, resumes are filed, and when openings occur, we begin our process by vetting these resumes and determining if a candidate should be interviewed.