About JPII

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WELCOME to Pope John Paul II High School, a Catholic school dedicated to serve the Diocese of Nashville and to help our students see how their faith can lead them beyond themselves. Since it was founded in 2002, JPII has quickly become one of the finest academic schools in the state. Great schools do three things: provide the best academic education possible, build community around student life, and have a deeper purpose guiding their actions. JPII does all three and more

First, academics at JPII are amazing. We have a stellar group of teachers who are strong in their subject and who teach from the heart, which makes all of the difference. Couple that with highly motivated students and supportive families and it is no wonder we are quickly taking the lead as a premier academic community. Our record number of AP Scholars, National Merit honorees, and acceptances to top universities with astonishing scholarship dollars, are confirmation of our topnotch academic program.

Second, our student life is focused on building a family inside our school. This family exists not just through our fine art programs, our competitive athletics, and the advisory and house system, but through the pride we have in being a Knight. JPII students know that people care about them, that we support them developing their God-given gifts as leaders, athletes, and artists.

Finally, we are mission-driven. Faith Leads Us Beyond Ourselves is not just a motto, but also a way of life. Our faith is central to all that we do at JPII and our Campus Ministry program guides and strengthens our students through worship, service, and formation, while teaching them to live a life centered on a relationship with God. If you meet any of our alumni community you know this is true. Since the first days of JPII there has been a sense of purpose – all things lead to God. Our students and graduates understand the bigger picture and the meaning of life – to love as God does and to serve others. This is a bold concept for a high school but again, we are great because we serve the greater good. We are proud to be Knights whether as a student, a parent, alumni, a patron, or as a member of the faculty and staff. We invite you to come and be a part of our tradition and find out how we can help your child find their greatness.

Mike Deely