About JPII

Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees along with the school administration are currently working on an exciting strategic plan that will focus on Faith, Academics, Student Life, and Growth.

FAITH: Centered in the Catholic identity we are committed to student formation, wellness, and helping students recognize their God-given gifts and how to apply them with a sense of purpose and vocation with commitment. Our daily prayer, the celebration of the sacraments, theology grounded in the teachings of the magisterium, and dedication to Catholic social justice are an essential part of to the life of our students, faculty, staff, and community.

ACADEMICS: Working from a strong foundation based on our rigorous academic program, we are committed to leading in our field as educators. Partnered with our Innov8 program, we are dedicated to offering an academic curriculum which allows for each individual to self-determine their academic goals through STEM/STREAM courses, Innov8 classes, internships with professional mentors, and independent study opportunities. We are committed to retaining faculty of the highest quality who are experts in their discipline and who are committed to our Catholic mission. The administration believes faculty and staff are the foundation of an extraordinary educational institution and therefore will provide ample support to ensure continued success.

STUDENT LIFE: We believe extracurricular activities help build community, teamwork, and individual success. It is our desire to help students identify their gifts and talents and find success in all they attempt to achieve. We believe the arts, athletics, student government, clubs, and other student activities are a vital component to a great education. Our coaches, club moderators, and mentors lead our students with enthusiasm and dedication. Our programs will be supported through school resources, first-rate facilities, and community support to help them grow to the highest standard.

GROWTH: Pope John Paul II High School’s Board of Trustees has established an ambitious proposal to create a master site plan and a comprehensive development strategy to ensure our campus is a state of the art facility that can adequately serve students and adapt to the needs of our community over the next 20 years, while also remaining good stewards of our financial resources.