Phys Ed and Wellness

DSC_0020.jpegPE/WELLNESS (Required for all Freshmen)

The physical education program is composed of four areas: the stretching and exercise component, a cardio component, the teaching of games component, and a strength component where weight workouts occur once per week. The wellness portion of the physical education class will include the following topics over the course of the year: nutrition, providing first aid and handling emergencies, noninfectious diseases and disabilities, illegal drugs, food and health, mental and emotional disorders, peer relationships, tobacco and alcohol, understanding medicines, and addiction and codependency. Classes will spend two days in physical education and one day in wellness each week.


CORE STRENGTH (MEN) Open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

This course is designed to teach the basic and advanced elements of strength and conditioning development. Students will learn techniques pertaining to proper flexibility, strength training techniques, guidelines for sport specific demands, and fundamentals of weight lifting. In addition, students will be lectured on proper nutrition, safety, and cardiovascular and core muscle development. The goal for each student is to create the proper work ethic and develop effective training practices that will provide an edge in their overall muscular and cardiovascular development.


CORE STRENGTH (WOMEN) Open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

This course is designed to motivate and inspire young women to concentrate on the core body development. All students will be provided the proper techniques pertaining to core development. Moreover, the purpose of this course is to motivate and encourage young adult women to attain a working knowledge base with regards to proper fitness methods and core development. We will cover proper flexibility techniques, nutrition and eating habits, weight management, core training, and cardiovascular conditioning.


CROSS TRAINING Open to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

This course is designed for athletes and non-athletes. It will explore variety of current training methods including cross-fit and circuit training.  This is a beginner level and up training class. Students will progress based on experience and performance and is a performance-based course.