The Arts


ImprovClass“Building Character Beyond Ourselves”

At JPII we explore our multifaceted humanity through the theatre arts. Constantly challenging ourselves to push our personal boundaries, while providing a supportive and nurturing environment, we design, build, play, and create our collective artistic vision. Through a variety of dynamic theatre courses students learn the fundamentals of performance and technical theatre with the opportunity to stretch themselves at more advanced levels. Students explore and are challenged to trust their natural instincts while assessing with a realistic and thoughtful approach to theatre. While developing techniques in theatre, lessons become applicable to a successful service-filled life.

Many performance opportunities are produced from our theatre classes. Advance theatre students perform as part of our Christian Service Internship program to outside organizations as well as the JPII community at large. Custome design is an aspect that we take special attention to as well. For our plays, the appropriate customes can make a huge difference when it comes to immersion in the theater experience. It is for this reason that special attention is given to this particular aspect, and it is assigned only to students who are knowledgeable in fashion and look forward to work in the fashion industry, mainly in a design role. Our previous student assigned as head of costume designed alpaca socks for an independent clothing company online! So technically he has a product already being sold out there in the world. Can you believe it?

All students at JPII are encouraged to audition for our fall play and spring musical regardless if they have taken a theatre course.