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Innov8 is a challenging academic program added to our JPII curriculum to expand and enrich the ways that students learn.  In Innov8 classes, concepts are explored in real-world situations so that interdisciplinary connections may be made between school, work, and community.  These authentic learning experiences will engage students in ways that the core classes in the curriculum do not and will provide them with an environment that encourages learning through trial and error.

Depth of intellectual engagement

Quality of work will be emphasized in the Innov8 program over quantity.  The program will allow for 12 weeks of working consistently on the same idea. This time to process through the dilemma/idea/project and problem solve will allow for deep and rich intellectual engagement. The multiple opportunities for revision afforded by the structure of the courses will encourage the students to take risks without the fear of failure.

Entrepreneurial learning communities

Because each class will be driven by a central product or project, the teacher will act as the facilitator of the process.  The students will be encouraged and guided to generate ideas and strategies for solving the problem.  The conversation and discussion will allow the students to explore their understanding while encouraging close collaboration with their peers and teacher.  

Related to the community in authentic and caring ways

Actively defining a problem and proposing solutions will empower the community in an authentic way. Students will see the direct impact that their solutions have made through their collective actions. Additionally, collaboration within the course will encourage the students to work together to develop a supportive community within the class.

Recent publications from prestigious universities such as Harvard have indicated the need for students to demonstrate depth in some specific area of interest or passion on their college application.  Technology integration, focus on intellectual engagement, authentic community relationships, and student-centered classes will provide an opportunity to show the depth and create an environment for the growth of students into citizens who are ready to find success in their future fields.

2019-2020 Innov8 Courses

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If you would like to become involved in the Innov8 program or have questions, please contact:

Jennifer Dye, Director of Innovation

(615)822-2375 ex. 6058

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