Innov8 Program

What are Internships?

Internships are designed to give students a better understanding of the skills needed for specific careers. Often students plan for a career based on what they believe a career to be without having observed or explored their area of interest.  It is a goal of the Innov8 program to provide students with a better understanding of their career options by placing them in experiences with highly qualified individuals. While the field studies may be highly varied, they should provide most of the following opportunities:

  1. Observation of the professional as they perform their daily activities.  
  2. Discussion of the benefits and challenges of the career.
  3. Discussion of possible paths a student might take to pursue the career.
  4. In some areas, an opportunity to contribute to the professionals business or profession.

Current Field Study Opportunities:


Swimabilities Occupational Therapy: Application and Information


Clausen Group Realtors, LLC: Application and Information

Daywind Music: Application and Information

Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce: Application and Information

Hughston Orthopaedics – Physical Therapy: Application and Information

Mainstreet Media: Application and Information

Sumner County Museum:  Information and Application   (This is an external application.  Please read all directions carefully.)

Swan Surgical:  Application and Information

Unbridled Changes: Application and Information


Clausen Group Realtors, LLC: Application and Information

Daywind Music: Application and Information

Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce: Application and Information

Gallatin Children’s Clinic (Dr. Murray): Application and Information

Hawkins Middle School – STEM Coach: Application and Information

Hayes-Freeman Law (Kimberley Reed-Bracey) – Application and Information

Hughston Orthopaedics – Physical Therapy: Application and Information

Just for Kids Teeth – Dental Assistant: Application and Information

Mainstreet Media: Application and Information

Swan Surgical:  Application and Information

Unbridled Changes: Application and Information