Innov8 Program

Becoming a Field Studies Internship Mentor:

Thank you so much for considering being a mentor to a Pope John Paul II High School student.  We recognize that your mentorship and expertise can greatly influence the future of our students. Our field study internships run for 12 weeks.

—Fall: August 8th – November 4th

—Winter: November 7th – February 17th

—Spring: February 20th – May 17th

To learn more about how we could place a student in your field or business, we ask that you complete the following form.  Students will be dismissed from school at 2 pm on Wednesday and Friday to attend the field study internships.  We recognize that these times may not always work for your placement, and you may indicate that on the form. After receiving the form, we will contact you to confirm the placement. Students will then be given the opportunity to apply and you may help in the selection process, if interested.  For more detailed information regarding student and mentor roles, please see below.

Mentor Information Form

Field Studies:

Field studies are designed to give students a better understanding of the skills needed for specific careers. Often students plan for career based on what they believe a career to be without having observed or explored their area of interest.  It is a goal of the Innov8 program to provide students with a better understanding of their career options by placing them in experience with highly qualified individuals. While the field studies may be highly varied, they should provide most of the following opportunities:

    1. Observation of the professional as they perform their daily activities.  
    1. Discussion of the benefits and challenges of the career.
    1. Discussion of possible paths a student might take to pursue the career.
  1. In some areas, an opportunity to contribute to the professionals business or profession.

Student Obligation:

Students are expected to maintain a high level of professional behavior in their field studies.  They have been selected through an application process and are aware of the specific requirements for each placement.

    1. Dress should be maintained based on the requirements of the individual placement.  If students are expected to wear their JP2 uniform, then it should be worn properly.  
    1. Students should arrive to each placement on time and stay the specified agreed amount of time.  Each placement will have hours set by the professional mentoring the JP2 student.
    1. If a student is ill or has a legitimate conflict, they should email the mentor at the field placement and the Director of Innovation.
    1. Each placement will last 12 week, however, the field placement has the option to set the hours during the application process. When students apply for the field placement, they will be aware of the schedule and are agreeing that they will be available.
  1. Student will be responsible for recording the number of hours at the field placement and having the mentor approve those hours.

Field Study Mentor Obligation:

    1. Mentors will provide students with opportunities for observation and engagement in your profession.
    1. Mentors will provide a safe environment for the students.  For more information, you may look at the Diocese of Nashville website.
    1. Mentors will monitor the students to ensure that they are attending and actively contributing to the internship.  Below you will find some guidelines.
  1. Mentors will contact Innovation Office at (615)822-2375 ex. 6058  or email , if the student is not meeting their obligations.