Knights Success Program

The Knights Success Program was developed to support students with diagnosed learning disabilities who have average to above average intelligence. The Knights Success Program strives to support students with learning disabilities as they progress through JPII’s college preparatory curriculum. At JPII we believe that each student can learn when provided with an encouraging environment, classroom accommodations, and appropriate support. Students with up to date psycho-educational testing that results in a diagnosed learning disability are eligible for classroom accommodations in addition to learning strategies, technology support, and access to our testing center.

All KSP students will develop self-advocacy skills aiding in their self-determination for college and beyond through one of two paths available: classroom accommodations and a KSP course support in addition to classroom accommodations.

Classroom Accommodations

The first route is classroom accommodations that are student specific and available in the classroom.  These include but are not limited to preferential seating, extending time, and accessibility of class notes.

Knights Success Program Course

The second route is the KSP course which gives students with LD (including ADHD) a class period that meets 3 times weekly where students receive disability-specific compensatory strategies and learning skills through mini-lessons, small groups and one-to-one advising.  Students enrolled in this course will learn how to use these strategies and skills in classroom situations and test-taking environments.  Executive functioning skills will be addressed as they relate to specific classroom curricula in order to achieve maximum benefit and applicability. Additionally, students will be monitored frequently for academic progress, organization of materials, and time management.

Standardized Testing Support

The KSP staff will help families negotiate the application process for accommodations on standardized testing often necessary for college admittance, including the ACT, SAT, and AP exams.


Eligibility for Knights Success Program is strictly enforced. A current psycho-educational evaluation and determined diagnosis is required.  If a parent or a guardian feels that their student may have a learning disability, then he or she should contact Casey Raybourne at 615-822-2375, regarding the procedure for seeking assessment through the public school district. If an applying student has an up to date IEP or a psycho-educational evaluation then a copy should be provided to the school via the Admissions Office for review by Academic Support Team.

For more information contact program director Casey Raybourne,