Advanced Placement (AP)

cblogoJPII offers its most capable students the opportunity to earn college credit by taking “Advanced Placement” classes in one of 21 subject areas. These courses simulate the expectations of introductory level courses at the college level and are recommended for students eager to challenge themselves. Because these courses follow a national curriculum and all teachers at JPII who teach in the AP program have been trained in this curriculum, they are highly regarded for their depth and quality.

National exams for each AP class are given in early May and graded between a 1 (lowest) or 5 (highest). Depending on the university and the subject itself, students receiving a 3 or higher may be given college credit in that subject matter, saving families significant tuition dollars. It is JPII’s policy that all students enrolled in AP classes take the exams.

AP offerings vary by year. Over time, JPII has offered Advanced Placement courses in Spanish, French, Latin, Psychology, Statistics, Calculus AB and BC, European History, American History, Macro-Economics, Micro-Economics, AP Comparative Politics, U.S. Government, 2D and 3D Art, Chemistry, Physics BC, Biology, Environmental Science, English Literature and English Language. To enroll in these courses, students must meet certain pre-requisite requirements and receive the approval of the departmental chair in that discipline.

JPII students do exceptionally well on the exams on the whole. In 2017, they earned 107 AP Scholar Awards for their performance on three or more national exams, one of the highest totals in the state of Tennessee (see results above). They’ve earned over 926 AP Scholar awards over the last ten years (2008-2017).

Why choose AP? (The College Board)