AP Results, 2014

JPII Students Earn 97 AP Scholar Awards

imagesHendersonville, TN July 11, 2014

JPII students earned 97 AP Scholar awards, the most in school history, reflecting their performance on the May 2014 tests from the College Board.

Ten students earned the highest distinction, “National AP Scholar,” given to students who have scores of “four” or “five” on eight or more AP exams and a minimum average of “four” on all exams taken. Those students are Chris Baker, Collin Bryant, Susanna Edwards, Robert Faust, Megan Gerstner, Tristan Greeno, Josh McConnell, Emily McRen, Caleb Pracht and Luke Price. The total of ten National AP Scholars are the most ever at JPII or the diocese.

An extraordinary thirty-one students were named “AP Scholars with Distinction,” given to students with scores of “three” or higher on five or more exams, with a minimum average of 3.5 on all exams taken. Those students are Chris Baker, Nicholas Baker, Gina Botsko, Collin Bryant, Raina Devrai, Victoria Dolan, Daniel Edwards, Susanna Edwards, Robert Faust, Megan Gerstner, Teresa Gilstrap, Tristan Greeno, Victoria Hickam, Caleb Holton, Quincy Huff, Alex Koeberlein, Jordan Lee, Jingyi Lu, Josh McConnell, Emily McRen, Dylan Pederson, Caleb Pracht, Luke Price, Lucas Pulliza, James Puryear, Jacqueline Ramos, Stephanie Simpson, Illinca Sipos, Katarina Swaringen, Taylor Wallace and Daniel Weber.

Seventeen students earned “AP Scholar with Honor” designations, given to students with scores of “three” or higher on four or more exams, with a minimum average of 3.25 on all exams taken. Those students are Bethany Erwin, Brian Griffin, Reuben Hoyos, Alex Reiland, Kira Romeo, Chu Chu, Tyler Dorr, Jacob Easter, Mia Herrington, Cathleen Humm, Maggie Mann, Jovani Martinez, Michelle Moore, Anna Reding, Alexander Roy, Greg Silverman and Catherine Wood.

Thirty-nine students earned “AP Scholar” status, given to those with “three” or higher scores on three AP exams. Those students are Courtney Baldridge, Joseph Bender, Natalie Cannella, Kristen Carter, John Earl, Emily Ernst, Josh Gutierrez, Chloe Kilpatrick, Marlowe LeBlanc, Jeffrey LeCave, Madison Leonard, Bethany Loven, Julia Myer, Mary Parrish, Ford Sanger, Helen Shaw, Benjamin Stringer, Joseph Tan, Calvron Wachter, Austin Whitmer, Zach Abdo, Tally Bevis, Briah Boyce, Sydney Dawson, Abigail Fox, Lauren Gierla, Sarah Link, Thomas O’Berry, Christian Roberts, Jaime Rochester, Michael Simpson, Olivia Snell, Jacob Telli, Casey Thompson, Luke Whittington, Katherine Williston, Abigail Wood, Annabel Yates and Christina Yi.

“Many of these students are only juniors,” remarks JPII headmaster Faustin Weber, “so they’ll have a chance to add to these awards next year. Their performance is a credit to how hard they’ve worked and how well they’ve been taught, not just in their AP classes, but in all the freshman and sophomore courses leading up to the AP’s. Students are taking AP classes at a greater rate at JPII than any other time in our school’s history, and even so, our results are the best they’ve ever been. My congratulations to our students and teachers. “