Study Abroad

Paris2013notredamekidsJPII believes there’s no better way to learn about other cultures and better understand our own than to travel aboard.

For that reason we host three summer exchange programs in conjunction with Catholic schools in England, France and Germany. Students spend two weeks living in students’ homes abroad, and then those students visit JPII and live in our homes for two weeks. It’s an excellent, relatively inexpensive way to learn about other countries and cultures from the “inside-out”, as students eat with, go to school with and travel with their host families. Students report they have a lot of fun and develop great friendships along the way!

To learn more about each exchange, see the links at the top.

In addition to these, JPII teachers typically sponsor one trip abroad each year, usually during spring break. Previous trips have included London, Paris, Rome and Athens.  Ask your teachers for the trip JPII is sponsoring this year!