Frequently Asked Questions about Admission to JPII

1. What are the criteria for admission?

Students must have the pre-requisite skills to succeed in a college preparatory program, which we determine by an assessment of the student’s prior academic record, recommendations of teachers, the placement test and personal interviews. Even so, there exists a wide diversity of academic talent at JPII, supported by a program that allows students to choose between Advanced Placement/Honors courses and standard program selections, depending on aptitude. This allows students the chance to succeed on a variety of levels.


2. How do I apply?

All applications to JPII are done online, simply by going to this link: “Applying Online” .

3. Should I apply early? Does it matter?

It does matter, so we recommend it.  If all parts of the application process are completed before Christmas, including the admissions interview, the incoming student will be able to choose his or her courses first in the early spring, which will increase the likelihood of getting first choice in electives.

4. How quickly will JPII decide once I’m done with the application process?

Very quickly! If you’re in the “early action” group, you will receive a letter in the mail from the Admissions office before Christmas. All others will receive notification of acceptance within two weeks. But remember, all steps must be completed first, including the admissions interview, before JPII can consider acceptance.

5. How do I know which level courses I should take?

We will recommend these to families based on the admissions test, previous grades, letters of recommendation and the interview process. You will have the chance to discuss those recommendations prior to finalizing.

6. What happens next after the letter of acceptance?

Contracts will be mailed with your acceptance letters. You would need to sign the contract and seal your commitment with a non-refundable $300 registration fee.  At that point, assuming your child’s successful completion of the current year, you are “enrolled” at JPII for next year.

7. If I sign the contract, am I “on the hook” for next year’s tuition?

Not until April 1. You may withdraw your enrollment up until April 1, only forfeiting your registration fee. After April 1, by the terms of the contract, the penalty for withdrawal at any point is $2500 except in the case of a family job transfer out of town.

8. I’d like to send my child to JPII, but I’m not sure I can afford it. Can JPII help with financial aid?

JPII has a limited amount of aid, which it is happy to distribute to qualified families. Financial aid is based on demonstrated need, which is determined by a third party vendor. A student must be accepted through the admissions process before the determination of need is established. Once a student is accepted, families are permitted to complete the financial aid application located at The deadline for application is February 21 for the following year.  Please note that to apply, you must have first completed the previous year’s taxes. Award notification letters will be sent by mid-March.

9. How much will I be awarded in financial aid?

There is no template that fits every household and situation. Every family is evaluated on a stand-alone basis. Remember, however, that the primary responsibility of funding an education rests with the family. Our effort will be to supplement what you can do. Our goal is to assist as many families as possible with our limited funds.

10. What if the amount of the financial aid award is not enough to attend JPII?

A formal appeal of the financial aid award must be submitted in writing to the financial aid committee that explains the situation in more detail. As part of that letter, we ask families to attach a family budget to indicate the additional need. The financial aid committee will review the information and notify the families if additional monies can be made available.

11. What happens to the $300 registration fee if the amount of financial aid is not sufficient to attend JPII?

If the family has submitted a formal appeal as outlined in #10 and there remains a large discrepancy between demonstrated need and the financial aid award, the school will refund the registration fee. For that to happen, families must submit a letter of hardship withdrawal to the school business office requesting the refund.

12. Does JPII give scholarships for athletic ability?

No, and it’s a common misunderstanding that schools in Division II do so. By rule of the TSSAA, no school may give athletic scholarships.  If they do, the school is penalized and the athlete loses eligibility. All students who attend JPII, athlete or not, are eligible for financial aid through a third party assessment process and are awarded aid on the basis of need.

13. When do I register for classes?

Orientation for new students is conducted in mid-February for students whose families have returned signed contracts. Parents and students will receive instructions to register for classes online. Explanations of course levels and requirements will also be explained.

14. Can I attend JPII if I am not Catholic?

Absolutely. Approximately 45% of our students are not Catholic, and these students contribute greatly to the faith life of the school.

15. I’m interested, but my child isn’t sure. Is there any way he or she can learn more?

We suggest a “shadow day“, whereby your child is paired with a student at JPII for a day and goes to class with him or her. This will give your child an “inside view” of the school. Your child may even wish to bring a friend along – we’ll put them together throughout the day with a JPII student ambassador as host to both!

Shadow visits are scheduled through the Admissions office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Special arrangements can be made for other days of the week. Shadow visits typically commence at 7:45 a.m. until the end of school day at 3:15 p.m. Contact the Admissions office at least 2 days in advance to schedule a shadow day visit.

If you would like, we are also happy to give your family a personal tour of the school. Simply call us to set it up!

16. Who should I talk to if I have a question?

We are here to help you make the transition to JPII as smooth as possible. Simply call the Admissions office at (615) 822-2375.

Thank you for your interest in JPII!