Our Faith

Faith is central in all we do, the lens through which all else is focused.

We celebrate Mass every Thursday as an entire school.  Theology classes rotate responsibility for the leadership of each Mass. The music is led by the choral students and other student musicians. Catholic or not, it’s a great way to pray together as a school community!


We pray before school, before school assemblies, before ball games and before classes. The intellectual life of faith is supported by the a four year theology requirement and the “JPII Center for Scholarly Engagement” which hosts speakers of national renown to speak to students and families throughout the year. Students are asked to put their faith in action through a “Christian Service” requirement each year. Through the leadership of our Christian Service coordinator, our students support over 50 charitable agencies in middle Tennessee, making Jesus’ command to “love thy neighbor” real in the busy life of teenagers today.

Want to learn more about our campus ministry programs? Go here.