Our House System

2HOUSEGAMES3JPII is a lot of fun!

Ala the British “house” system, students are assigned membership in one of six “Houses,” each comprised of a combination of seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen. Yes, think Harry Potter without the dorms! Led by faculty “Housemasters,” and “Advisors,” these Houses pray together, plan together and compete against each other in a variety of competitions through-out the year. Advisors from each House meet with their fifteen or so students each week to review their academic progress, talk about upcoming events and track how they’re doing.

The mix of students encourages the building of student communities that cut across grade levels or academic abilities, two endemic problems in many American high schools. Each student has a place where they “belong.” The students (and their teachers!) in each House are very competitive against the other Houses. At the end of the year, one house is awarded the “House Cup” as a prize for gaining the most number of House points for the year.

House identities are designated by certain colors, and each House has its own insignia and banner. For more information, go here.