John Dempsey

John Dempsey, A.D.

Welcome to Pope John Paul II High School, a Catholic school committed to academic and athletic excellence.  At JPII, athletics are a significant educational component of the students’ high school experience.  Student-athletes grow from their athletic experiences to become community leaders across the spectrum of life in business, medicine, law, philanthropy, and government as well as professional sports.

Our coaches are knowledgeable, committed and passionate about what they do.JPII coaches seek to foster knowledge, skills and values to promote a successful and meaningful life for their student athletes. JPII Athletics promotes teamwork, accountability and selflessness in our student-athletes in order to accomplish a collective goal of becoming positive, impactful men and women, who contribute to society.

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Brian Sneed

Brian Sneed, Assistant A.D.



Brian Sneed

Assistant Athletic Director

(615) 822-2375 x6017