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Men’s Lacrosse

2018 Varsity Lacrosse Team


2018 JV Lacrosse Team


Bob Page, Head Coach

Men’s Lacrosse Tryouts:

A spring sport, men’s lacrosse holds its tryouts during the first two weeks of February.  During the fall, student athletes that are not participating in a sport are expected to participate in twice weekly practice during the months of August to November.  Physical and demanding, lacrosse is widely acknowledged to enhance an athlete’s speed, agility, conditioning and quickness.  No experience is required to start play in the 9th grade and the cost to play is nominal.  To get a feel for how a lacrosse game looks, a link to the Syracuse/Notre Dame game is provided below.  Many of the seniors taught by Coach Page have lamented the fact that they did not play lacrosse during their time at JPII.

Lacrosse has a history of success at JPII supported by players that have excelled in multiple sports (as confirmed in 2015).  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Coach Page at bob.page@jp2hs.org or Coach Cooper at john.cooper@jp2hs.org.


Lacrosse Video Link – Notre Dame vs. Syracuse: