Campus Life

JPII Video Gallery

We have fun at JPII! Here are some of the more interesting videos of our life together over the last few years. For even more videos, go to our youtube page here.


The Making of Taylor Swift’s video “You Belong with Me” filmed at JPII, using JPII students as extras in the prom scenes, football game, band, student body and as cheerleaders. Taylor’s brother, Austin, is a 2010 alumnus of our school.

The Final Video, “You Belong with Me.
” Named MTV’s “Video of the Year”

JPII Live At the end of each year, seniors host “senior skits” in which they mimic the faculty, poking fun at their various idiosyncrasies. Here’s the beginning of the 2009 senior skit, focusing on Mike McLaren, JPII Dean of Students, ala the Saturday Night Live theme.

Cast of Saturday Night Live Shout-outs to JPII One enterprising senior actually interviewed cast members of SNL, Will Ferrell and others, asking for their opinion of JPII.

Golden Tate’s legendary game–Down by two touchdowns with less than a minute to play against Goodpasture, Golden Tate (JPII, class of 2007) scores a touchdown, recovers the on-side kick, then scores the game tying touchdown as time expires. The Knights go on to win the game in overtime. Tate went on to play Notre Dame and became first team all American at receiver, winning the Belitnekoff Award as the nation’s best college receiver in his junior year. He started for the Superbowl winning Seattle Seahawks as receiver in 2014. Yeah, he’s good.

Ladd Caballero, Talent Show Winner–JPII has talented, fun students! Each year the school hosts a talent show. Here’s Ladd’s first place performance, playing the piano and the “pipes,” a musical instrument of his own invention featuring PVC pipes.  

Freshman Cardboard Boat Races–At the new student orientation, freshmen build cardboard boats and race them with predictably funny results.

The Truth Revealed–During the 2014 senior assembly skit, the seniors unveil the truth about the JPII bell system, featuring Mrs. Sharon Hager, assistant to the Dean of Students.

Papal Wheaties–More fun from the class of 2014 at senior skit.

The War on Skirts--Enterprising students satire the school administration and faculty about their enforcement of skirt length requirements for girls.