Campus Life

School Health Policies

I. Every year, we ask that parents do the following:

1) Get your child an annual physical exam: Even if a student is not a varsity athlete, we will ask students to participate in House games, Christian Service, and other physical activities throughout the year, so we want to make sure they’re healthy. We ask that all students get annual physicals prior to August 1 if they are playing fall sports or prior to the first day of school for all others. It is important the physicals are valid through the entirety of the school year. To assist families and keep costs down, the school arranges free physicals through the generosity of doctors and nurses in late May or early June for the following school year. We encourage students to make use of this service.

Athletes without physicals will not be able to participate in summer practices beyond August 1 and other students will not be able to attend the first day of classes. Annual physical forms for athletes and non-athletes is available here: 2017-2018 Physical Form.

2) Give us consent to treat your child:  So that I can treat your child with services ranging from basic first aid to emergency care, parents must complete the HSOO1 form each year.  This form gives me  medical/legal consent to treat your child and provides me important information in case of a medical emergency.  

Give us consent to give your child over the counter medications: (non-prescription): Health Form HS002, renewed annually, requires a parent signature for the nurse to dispense over the counter medication provided by the school. Medications include Advil, Tylenol, and Benadryl for minor allergic reactions.  Students are not permitted to self-carry over the counter medications. A note from a parent and an original bottle can be stored in the nurse’s office for over the counter medications such as cold or allergy medication. It is the student’s responsibility to come to the office to take the medication.

II. Other Health Policies:

For students with prescribed medications: 

Students with prescribed medication to take during the school day, on field trips, or the new student retreat must keep these medications with me in the nurse’s office or with the nurse for the retreat. They must be in their original pharmacy bottle and accompanied by a doctor’s signature, either by note, fax, prescription or Health Form HS003, available below. It is the student’s responsibility to come to the nurse’s office to take these drugs.

Students may keep Insulin, Epi-pens, and Inhalers on their person. State Law requires a physician’s signature and documentation that the student is competent to self-administer using the HS003 form below.

Narcotic drugs, such as hydrocodone (Lortab) or Tylenol #3, will not be administered at JPII, nor should students bring these to the school. If a student needs pain management beyond over the counter medications, he or she should stay home.

Please pick up unused medications stored in the nurses’ office at years end. For safety reasons, the school will destroy all unclaimed medications five days after the last day of school.

If your child becomes ill or is injured at school:

Students should go to the school nurse’s office.

The school nurse will assess the student, and if necessary, call the parent or guardian to take the child home.  She will care for your child in the interim.

In the event the injury or illness requires emergency action, the school nurse will call 911 and then call the parents immediately thereafter.

If your child wakes up feeling sick: 

If a student is vomiting or has a fever, he or she should stay home. Though we admire their toughness and diligence, a sick child at school puts other children at risk. Please do not allow a child with a fever to return to school until 24 hours after the fever has broken.

If a student has a contagious condition such as pink eye, mononucleosis, etc. please let the school nurse know  as soon as possible. He or she will need to stay away from school until he or she receives a doctor’s clearance  to return.

You are welcome to download the forms in the links above and mail in during any time in the summer. We will ask for these forms to be completed as part of the registration process just before school starts.