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Inclement Weather

School Closing: Inclement Weather

JPII follows its own policies regarding school closings for inclement weather. The most important priority for these decisions is the safety of students. However, because JPII draws students from 10 different counties, there may be occasions where conditions are safe in Hendersonville and the school opens, but conditions are unsafe in the outlying counties. Parents must make the final decision whether or not to send their child to school; if a child misses class or is late for class due to inclement weather, parents are asked to send a note explaining the reason and it will be considered an excused absence.

Uniquely, there are occasions when the Clarksville or Bowling Green buses will be canceled and students who ride those buses excused while the remainder of the student body is required to attend. We will try to keep these days to an absolute minimum.

The fastest way to find out if we’re closing or not is to check the front page of our web site. If there is no news, we’re not closing. You may also watch for closings, early closings, or late openings on Channels 2, 4, 5, and Fox 17 News.

Early Closing: Inclement Weather

Pope John Paul II High School follows an independent policy on early closing, i.e. closing after school has already begun. The experience of an actual early school closure has made us examine procedures for early closing. When the school closes early, student drivers will be permitted to leave immediately. It is therefore imperative that parents of student drivers discuss early closing situations and agree on the best course of action before the day of the early closing. The school administration is not able to “check on” every student driver and must assume that student drivers that leave do so with their parents’ permission.

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