Campus Life

Veritas Honor Code

imagesOur Veritas Honor Code: “Veritas” means Truth in Latin. The word is the motto of both Harvard University and of the Dominican Order.

JPII is a community that seeks to inspire and prepare young people to live the Gospel. Christ calls us to the Light, to live in the Truth and to be people of that Light and Truth. It is an essential part of a JPII education to live in a community where integrity and honesty are the touchstones of interaction and relationships and where each member of the community is called to take responsibility for making our school a community of trust and integrity. No community can exist without honesty. No person can become what God wants him/her to be without growing in love and commitment to integrity and truthfulness.

The Promise:

The Veritas Promise signed by all students at JPII annually and repeated on various occasions.

I promise before God and members of this community that I will be a person of integrity who will not lie, steal, cheat or plagiarize. I will take responsibility for my decisions. I make this promise in order to build a community of trust and integrity with my brothers and sisters at JPII. 

The Pledge:

The Veritas Pledge, which must be written by students and signed on all tests, assignments, projects and homework and signed:

I pledge that I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in completing
this work. (May be abbreviated: I pledge VERITAS, signed___________.) 

The Veritas Policy:

Students who violate the Veritas honor code receive F’s on the assignment. Students who violate the code three times over their tenure as a JPII student are asked to withdraw from JPII. For a complete copy of the policy, see the student handbook.