School Counseling

Come visit JPII!

The counseling center at JPII looks forward to welcoming college representatives visiting the Nashville area.  College visits are offered daily throughout the Fall semester and frequently in the Spring, and representatives will have up to 45 minutes to meet with interested students and counseling staff.

College representatives may sign up electronically for a visit to our school.  We are using RepVisits, and hope you will find it convenient.  Your visit will be confirmed as soon as you select a visit slot.

If your institution needs assistance utilizing RepVisits, or our available dates and times do not accommodate your travel schedule, please email or call Sarah McIlroy at or 615-590-6046 to consider other options.  You may also consider attending our School-Wide College Fair on September 20th.  Registration for the fair is also available in RepVisits.

Counselors will be happy to answer questions you may have about our school or programs during your visit, but you may also utilize our School Profile.