School Counseling

Each year, over 130 colleges are represented on campus by their admission counselors and recruiters.  This year’s fair will take place on Thursday, September 20th from 9:00am to 10:30am.  All grade levels will have the opportunity to attend the fair.


Below, you will find clickable links for last year’s college fair information.  This year’s will arrive in September.

This first link is a list of all colleges visiting and their designations as in-state public schools, in-state private schools, or out-of-state schools.
Printable PDF – Colleges Visiting and Location/Type Designation

This second link is the handout all students will receive prior to entering the fair that lists all schools visiting and indicates their size, highlights specific categories of interest, and outlines helpful questions to ask representatives.  We encourage students and families to review both lists prior to fair day.  Students can plan accordingly to visit colleges of interest, and should add to their list colleges with which they are not yet familiar.
Printable PDF – Fair Handout with Colleges Visiting, Goals, Categories, and Questions

If students would like to utilize the barcode scanning system to provide their information to the representatives (instead of filling out information cards in real time), instructions for creating the personalized barcodes can be found here.