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JPII partners with Follett Virtual Bookstores, the leading supplier of virtual bookstore services. Follett Virtual Bookstores will fulfill your student’s book needs for upcoming school years.

Additionally, Follett Virtual Bookstore conduct book buybacks at the end of the school year.  Follett buys back textbooks that will be used again here and at schools across the country to provide money-saving used books in the fall.

If you missed the year end buyback, you can also sell back books online at just click “Cash for Books”. If you have questions, call Follett Virtual Bookstores at 877-827-2665.

There are many online textbook vendors who sell used and new textbooks, and in some cases, you can save significant monies in purchasing these texts in the open market. In the event you wish to purchase your own textbooks in the open market,  it is important to use ISBN numbers for the book to get the right edition.

2017-2018 Textbook List

For more information see: Parent Letter, Follett Virtual Campus Info, Common Questions & Answers.