Fund for Excellence

11 9 10 021Why does JPII have a Fund for Excellence? 

JPII, like most private schools, relies on income beyond tuition to fully support its faculty and programs. One of the key sources of this additional income comes from unrestricted gifts to operations (an Annual Fund, or our FFE).  Tuition provides 87% of our school’s operating budget every year.  The FFE is the primary fundraising effort relied upon each year to fill the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating each child at JPII. Since these gifts are used during the year in which they are received, JPII depends on donors to support the Fund for Excellence every year.

Every aspect of our school is touched by FFE dollars, including: academics, performing and visual arts, athletics, community service, spiritual formation, financial aid, the library, technology, faculty salaries, professional growth and campus maintenance. While JPII’s community will find numerous opportunities to contribute to the school, JPII’s Board of Trustees has set the Annual Fund as its top fund-raising priority because of the critical role it plays in supporting the school’s operations.

Why doesn’t JPII operate like other businesses and charge the full cost instead of raising funds each year?

The tuition that would be necessary to fund our current level of education would restrict even further the number of families who could afford to attend. This would limit enrollment which, in turn, could mean a cutback in programs and an undermining of our school’s commitment to making a JPII education affordable to as many families as possible.

In addition, a for-profit business can cut costs through consolidation and streamlining. To employ these strategies at a mission-driven school like JPII would require reducing staff or combining classrooms, making us unable to provide the individual attention and quality of education that everyone wants and expects for JPII students.

Finally, a gift to the FFE is tax-deductible. Tuition is not.

How much should I give to the FFE? 

We ask our community members to support the FFE to the best of their ability. In the past, gifts have ranged from $10 to more than $25,000. While large leadership gifts are crucial to FFE’s financial stability, gifts of any size make a difference.  It is helpful to understand that the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a JPII education is approximately $2,500 per student.

May I designate how my gift will be used?

Donors to the Annual Fund have the option of designating their gift to a specific area in our “operating buckets.” Designation options include:

  • JPII’s Greatest Need
  • Faculty Support;
  • Visual and Performing Arts;
  • Athletics;
  • Service and Spiritual Life
  • Library and Technology;
  • and Financial Aid.

All designations are budget relieving and still allow JPII the ability to use the gift in the year it is received.

What if I don’t like something at JPII and feel the only way to be heard is to withhold support from the FFE?

Instead of using the FFE to express your concerns, please contact the person involved or a school administrator. JPII encourages open discussion and strives to communicate effectively with all members of the school community.  You are always welcome to reach out to the Advancement office for assistance in resolving concerns.

Whom do we ask for donations?

JPII seeks support from more than 3,000 individuals, including trustees, parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, and faculty and staff.

In addition, the school periodically seeks funding from foundations and corporations, although these requests are usually for projects outside the scope of the operating budget.

Does it matter when I make my gift? 

Yes; a gift or pledge made early in the school year is a great advantage to the school because it enables us to know how much money will be available to support the budget. Because of this, we ask donors to make pledges by Dec. 31, but gifts may be paid through June 30. Once you have made your annual gift or pledge, you will not receive another Annual Fund solicitation until the next academic year.

How can I give?

Since JPII operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Cash: You may simply write a check payable to JPII for the entire amount, or you can make a pledge and pay in monthly installments through the end of the campaign on June 30. If you would like to pay in installments, the school will send out a monthly pledge reminder.

Credit Card: You can charge your gift to your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or authorize a monthly charge to your account. Many persons prefer to give this way so as to add to frequent flyer miles or whatever bonuses the credit card gives.

Securities: Many individuals donate appreciated stock or mutual funds to JPII. Such gifts, or other gifts involving securities, can have significant tax advantages. For assistance in making a gift involving securities please contact Michelle Barber, Dean of Admissions and Advancement at (615) 590-6013, or

Gifts in Kind: Some members of the JPII Community own their own business, or work for a company that can provide goods that are needed by JPII. Please check with the Advancement Office if you are interested in making a gift in kind.

Matching Gifts: Many corporations will match an employee’s gift to a school. Any matching gifts will be combined with yours to determine the giving level at which you will receive recognition. When applying for a match, companies often ask for the recipient organization’s Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN). JPII’s EIN is 52-2213258. Please contact your employer or JPII’s Advancement Office to see if your company offers this benefit.

For more information, please contact:

The Advancement Office

(615) 822-2375