Volunteer for FFE

Have limited time, but want to make a significant difference?

JPII’s FFE volunteers write notes and emails, make phone calls, and/or drop off materials to fellow parents to ask for their support of the FFE.

Volunteers are asked to choose families they would like to contact and/or are assigned between 5 and 15 families.

The volunteer work can be completed during five afternoon/evening meetings scheduled conveniently throughout the year. Volunteers also have the option of completing assignments on their own schedule if there are conflicts with meeting dates/times.

FFE volunteers enjoy camaraderie and feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment as they successfully raise dollars for our school.

This is a great opportunity for parents who:

  • Are only available to help during evening and weekend hours
  • Would like to meet other parents
  • Speak a second language

For those who are apprehensive about asking for money, remember:

  • You’re talking to people you know or with whom you have something in common
  • JPII’s parents are generous and the vast majority say “yes”
  • You will be given a lot of support and guidance
  • It is for a very important cause — your children’s education!
  • We also need volunteers to thank those who have already given to the FFE!

To signup, or request additional information, please contact:

Weaver, Jolind web

Jo Lind Weaver, Donor Relations Officer
(615) 590-6008