DSC_0099The mission of the school, to help build disciples and scholars, is a powerful one, and will affect generations of students and families to come. Perhaps you’d like to do more for the school than current circumstances allow, with high school or college tuitions looming, house payments to make, bills to pay, and retirement far into the future.

We invite you to consider naming JPII as a partial beneficiary in your will. In so doing, you can make a transformational difference to the future of JPII, without compromising your standard of living today. Contrary to public perception, legacy gifts are not merely from the super-wealthy; parents have contributed a portion of their home in their wills, some have named the school as a percentage of their IRA’s, and others have named the school as a residuary after all their children have been taken care of.

There are many ways to structure such a gift, and we have access to professionals who can help you plan the gift that makes the most sense for your situation, at no cost to you. Please call Michelle Barber, Dean of Admissions and Advancement, at 615-822-2375 if you’d like to discuss things.