Mrs. Jennifer Dye

Welcome to Advanced Biology!  This class will involve the application of knowledge and experiences from physics and chemistry.  We will use a modeling approach where the students will collect and analyze data, discuss their findings, and develop the content.  There will be very few lectures. Involvement and participation is essential for gaining the most from the class! We will begin our story of science where you left off last year by looking at the molecules important to living organisms and then working our way to biological systems and how they interact with each other.

2016 Dye Syllabus and Assesments for Adv biology

Frequently asked questions:

Where can I locate documents if I am absent, have lost something or just want to look at the notes again?     Access to all class related resources are available on the Google Folder that has been shared with you.  To locate the resources, go to Google and log in using your JPII email account. Look in your “Share with me” folder. Your resources will be found in the folder titled, ” Advanced Biology Shared Folder”.  Within the folder you will find a folder for each unit.

Where do I upload my research project documents? All documents related to the research project will be submitted electronically. To locate the folder, find the shared with me section on your Google drive while logged in with your JPII email account. You will find a folder with your last name and the name of your partner.  You may choose to either upload a document, drag and drop a document into the folder or create a document within the folder. DO NOT share the document with me.  If you place the document in the folder I will be able to make comments because I have created the folder. My comments will always be found in a Google document and not in a word document. 

I have a quiz due.  Is that on Google?  No. Quizzes are administer on QuizStar. You will need to be registered and approved using the link you were provided in class. Please make sure that you write down your user name and password. 

When are tutorials? Official Advanced Biology tutorials are Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Additional tutorial times are available by appointment. Please email me to schedule a time.  I am usually available but want to make sure that I am here if you are planning to attend.  You may also visit Ms. Bellamy in C003 on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.