Ms. Karen Phillips

Phillips, Karen

Assistant Head of School

Dean of Studies

History Teacher

Co-Sponsor of Youth in Government Club

615-822-2375 x6045


Vanderbilt University, B.A. – Interdepartmental Major: History/ Psychology / Sociology

University of Louisville, M.Ed.

Year of Employment: 2001

After entry into teaching at the elementary / middle school level, Ms. Phillips interrupted her teaching career for thirteen years to be a stay-at-home Mom of five children.  She returned to the classroom in 1990, teaching World History, AP European History, Economics and AP Economics during her tenure at Gallatin High School.

In 2001, after serving briefly on the Founding JPII Board of Trust, Ms. Phillips joined the initial JPII administrative staff as Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs and began recruiting Department Heads and faculty for the school. Her active roles include, serving as touch point for all academic matters, including hiring teachers and formulating curriculum with Department Heads as Dean of Studies and more broadly overseeing the development of programs for the school as Assistant Head of School. Among her duties, teaching continues to be a great love as she maintains a role as a classroom teacher of European History. In this role, she was honored in 2009 by the Southern Region of the College Board as AP Teacher of the Year.  Having served as a Reader of AP Exams since 1998, Ms. Phillips has recently been appointed to the AP European History Curriculum and Development Committee for College Board.  She also maintains an active interest in and is co-sponsor of JPII’s YMCA Youth-in-Government club.