Mr. Jordan Tupper

2015-16 Symphonic Band Syllabus

The symphonic band welcomes all high school students that play a wind instrument.  Percussion students having completed the appropriate level of percussion courses are also welcome to join the ensemble.  The band concentrates on the performance of high quality concert band literature. All scheduled performances are a required element of this course. Dedication to improvement of skills and musical knowledge is essential to participate in concert band. Students will be expected to perform assignments regularly with emphasis on rhythm reading and producing an appropriate tone. Individual practice outside of rehearsal is required.

Instrumental Technique:

  • Students will use appropriate breathing (winds) to create a characteristic tone for their instrument, a proper grip and wrist motion (percussion), or proper bow and pizzicato technique (string) to create a characteristic tone on their instrument.
  • Students will use appropriate articulation technique for their instrument.
  • Students will use scales or rudiments to demonstrate knowledge of tonality or stick technique.
  • Students will demonstrate proper intonation.

Musical Technique:

  • Students will use the elements of music to play with expression.
  • Elements of music include rhythm, tempo, phrasing, style, dynamics, and intonation.

Musical Performances:  

  • Students will apply instrumental and musical technique in the setting of live and recorded performances.

Students will understand concepts and demonstrate ability to transfer skills across content areas and apply concepts and skills to real-life situations:

Communication – Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate in meaningful and appropriate ways within the context of their own unique experiences, values, and perspectives.

Experiences – Students will understand that the processes of creating and/or performing work are essential to the life experience of the individual and the community.

Global Connections – Students will understand that the unified arts have a fundamental connection with cultures and history.

Evaluation – Students will understand that the products of the unified arts are created to convey a point of view realistically, abstractly, or digitally, and as a result can be critically and constructively evaluated.

Integration – Students will understand that the unified arts integrate with other content areas and these interdisciplinary connections enhance their experience.