Mrs. Pamela Eatman

Philosophy of Peer Mentors:
The Hand In Hand options program has been an integral part of Pope John Paul II High School since it’s inception. Students with intellectual disabilities have been educated, eaten lunch in the cafeteria, participated on sports teams and clubs, and sat on the bus side by side with their school friends. Our motto, “Faith Leads Us Beyond Ourselves,” is seen in the lives of JPII Peer Mentors who are reaching beyond themselves and helping others who learn differently. Through the Peer Mentor course, a student can expect to build friendships and relationships, develop social skills, provide academic support, and help develop a positive outlook (Carter and Hughes, 2008).

• to strengthen the participation of HIH students in their classrooms, as well as in other areas of the school
• to model good citizenship to the HIH students as well as to friends at school, and the larger JPII community
• to help teachers support HIH students socially and academically
• to foster independence for our HIH students in class and in the wider school community